By combining the available international knowledge, the method to assess the extent to which consumers are exposed to chemical substances via everyday products such as paint, cleaning agents and cosmetics will be improved. A new web-based version of the computer program ConsExpo will make this possible. The update of the program will be realised by RIVM in collaboration with the counterpart institutes ANSES (France), BfR (Germany), BAG (Switzerland) and Health Canada.

Calculations from ConsExpo provide information needed to assess the possible risks of chemical substances in consumer products. ConsExpo is used within and outside Europe by governments, institutes and industries.

The collaboration in the ConsExpo 2015 project will lead to a new web-based version of ConsExpo. The renewed program can easily be expanded with new applications such as exposure assessments for nanomaterials. The web-based version of ConsExpo will be available in the course of 2016.

ConsExpo is developed by RIVM for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports. By collaborating with counterpart institutes and harmonization with users of ConsExpo, further international commitment for ConsExpo will be created.

Fact sheets

In addition to the update of the computer program, the institutes will be working on an update of the fact sheets with information about the circumstances under which consumers are exposed to chemical substances. This information can be used as a basis for the calculations in ConsExpo. These fact sheets on different product categories assist performance of exposure assessment in a transparent and standardised way.

Professionals who want to stay informed of the developments on ConsExpo can join the dedicated LinkedIn community ‘Consumer Exposure and ConsExpo’.

RIVM coordinates the ConsExpo 2015 project. Participating institutes contribute in kind and financially.