RIVM 'Young Researchers' present their PhD research in 4 short films which were made especially to highlight and explain their scientific research. Worthy of our attention for our knowledge of health increases through research. Whooping cough, avian influenza, antibiotic resistance and nanomaterials are the topics of these short films.

RIVM and Research

About 80 young professionals conduct PhD research at RIVM as part of their Universities PhD programme. These (mostly) young researchers have their own network called: Proneri. Their research is put in the spotlight in these films from RIVM and Proneri. Almost all researchers on film have completed their research.

The PhD students are:

Rolf Ypma, Utrecht  University
DNA-Research suggests avian influenza is spread by wind


Patricia Huijbers, Wageningen University
Antibiotic Resistance in humans: do chickens play a role?


Saskia van der Lee, Utrecht University/WKZ
Vaccination against pertussis


Hedwig Braakhuis, Maastricht University
Inhalation of nanomaterials