The Interspecies website which helps researchers to reduce and refine the use of laboratory animals is transferred to the 3Rs database Programme of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences (ULS) of Utrecht University. The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM initiated the website and the underlying database and remains responsible for the database content.

The Interspecies website provides a large dataset of reliable physiological, anatomical and biochemical parameters of different animal species and humans. The data can be compared online or locally by using an export file. By using the database, researchers can design animal experiments smarter in terms of choice of an animal model, which better approaches the human situation. This way, researchers can make a well-founded decision regarding the use of a specific laboratory animal.

Saving laboratory animals

Users of the database have reported a reduction in animal use, on average 20% on a yearly basis. RIVM remains involved in the updating of the database. The aims are to expand the 3Rs-database program with other 3Rs information sources like laboratory animal replacement methods. RIVM and Utrecht University aim to continue the presentation of actual information.

The development of the Interspecies website is in line with RIVM’s aim to share its knowledge and expertise to stimulate the international development and use of methods to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments.