COVID-19 vaccination resident nursing home 18 January 2021

Today, the first 50,000 people in the age group from 85-89 years in the Netherlands will receive an invitation from RIVM for a COVID-19 vaccination. They can then make an appointment for the vaccination by contacting the national call centre of the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs). At the GGD vaccination location, they will receive the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. RIVM will continue sending invitations to the 85-89-year-olds tomorrow and next week. In total, about 258,000 people will receive an invitation in this round.

People aged 85 to 89 who live in a care institution or other residential facility will receive an invitation from RIVM. They will also receive an invitation from their institution or GP (except for residents in assisted living facilities). If residents in institutions can travel independently to a GGD vaccination location, possibly accompanied by a loved one, they can make an appointment with the GGD. Otherwise, they can accept the invitation from the institution or their GP.

Vaccination of people over 90 off to a good start

Earlier this week, the first people over 90 who are still living at home received an invitation to be vaccinated. They received the invitation from their GP, who checked whether they are mobile enough to go to a GGD vaccination location independently. Faster than expected, it was possible for the first people aged 90 and up to be vaccinated by the GGD on Tuesday, 26 January. Moreover, this group's willingness to get their jab at a Municipal Health Service (GGD) vaccination location seems to be very high. There are approximately 90,000 people over 90 years old living at home in the Netherlands.

Next age cohort

According to current expectations, RIVM will start inviting the next age group, comprising people aged 80-84 years, on 9 February; 400,000 people fall into this group. They will also be vaccinated at the GGD with the Comirnaty® vaccine made by Pfizer/BioNTech.