The percentage of newborns participating in the immunisation programme targeting mumps, measles and rubella rose slightly over the past year. RIVM reached this conclusion based on preliminary figures. There was a clear increase in girls receiving the first HPV vaccination, from 59% for girls born in 2005 to 72% for girls born in 2006. 

Preliminary figures for other vaccinations in the National Immunisation Programme show similar results: vaccination coverage remains stable. This conclusion is expected to be confirmed in the definitive vaccination coverage figures published annually in June.

Important indicators

In a letter to the Dutch House of Representatives, State Secretary Blokhuis for Health, Welfare and Sport noted that he views these figures “as important indicators that things are heading in the right direction”. “The protection our children receive against dangerous infectious diseases is improving. I see the substantial increase in HPV [vaccination] as particularly inspiring, especially when you consider all the different types of cancer that HPV infection can cause.”