The patient, who was admitted in the Radboud univerisity medical center over the past few days because of a suspected Ebola infection, was proven not to be infected. This has been demonstrated by the definitive results from the specific tests.

The patient was admitted to the Radboud UMC on Monday 24 November 2014 because of a possible Ebola infection. The patient had recently visited an Ebola endemic area and developed symptoms after returning home. The patient was nursed in an isolation room especially designed for this purpose.


Ebola is contagious through direct unprotected contact with a patient or bodily fluids from a contagious patient. The spreading of Ebola is combated by quickly recognising and isolating sick people to prevent further contaminations. People who have had direct contact with a sick Ebola patient are monitored for 21 days to establish whether they become sick also. As long as they do not suffer from any symptoms – fever, headaches, muscular pain, diarrhoea – they are not contagious to other people. If they do exhibit symptoms, they are immediately admitted to hospital where they are cared for in a separate ward and away from other patients.