As of yesterday RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment participates in the Vaccination Alliance initiated by the Dutch State Secretary, Paul Blokhuis, Other members of this Alliance include  paediatricians and nurses, general practitioners, doctors' assistants, communication experts, scientists and policymakers. RIVM is keen to participate in the social debate on the vital importance of vaccination for the health of children and adults.

During the initial meeting of the Vaccination Alliance, all participants signed the agreement to actively improve the  vaccination information available to parents and professionals, and to contribute to a higher vaccination coverage in the Netherlands. Blokhuis: "The ambassadors of the Vaccination Alliance will contribute by speaking out where possible about the importance of vaccination. This should encourage parents to reach out to their GP, paediatrician,  or doctor's assistant more often with their concerns and doubts about vaccination. They will then receive objective information based on wide-ragning expertise and practical experience".

Actions to be taken

 The Vaccination Alliance will meet twice a year to exchange ideas and experiences and to work out new plans. In the coming period, the alliance will work on the following actions.

  • Within the Vaccination Alliance, experts must be able to learn from each other, and also exchange knowledge on  the most practical ways to discuss and eliminate the  parents’ vaccination concerns.
  • A team will be put in place to  help deal with incorrect information.
  • The ambassadors of the Alliance will use their expertise to bring the importance of vaccination to the attention of as large a group of people as possible, for example during the European Immunisation Week.