RIVM has created an overview of the possible risks of Bisphenol A (BPA) for humans and the environment. BPA is a component of many different products and affects the endocrine system. Based on scientific studies, it is as yet unclear whether the current levels of exposure to BPA are harmful for humans and the environment.

On a local level, organisms living in the sediment may be at risk as a result of elevated concentrations of BPA in the sediment.

The knowledge about possible endocrine disruptive effects of BPA on health is developing rapidly. In the EU European Union (European Union) and various European countries (including the Netherlands), preventive measures have been taken to reduce the risk of harmful health effects. Late 2014- early 2015, various important ongoing European assessments of the health risks involved in BPA will be concluded.

Follow-up study

During the course of 2015, RIVM will include these current assessments in a follow-up study in which the risks of BPA will be indicated. Policy advice will be based on this, which will indicate whether additional measures are required in the Netherlands to limit the possible risks of BPA for humans and the environment.