RIVM would like to explore possibilities to eliminate obstacles during innovation of green chemistry with industry. Our institute will provide an overview of the current state of knowledge on applied sustainability methodologies. This will be the basis of a decision tree for sustainable and safe production of biobased substances and products. Participating companies will help develop this tool and gain knowledge on relevant laws and regulations at the same time.

RIVM defines green chemistry as producing substances and materials in a sustainable and safe way. One way of doing so is by using renewable resources, which are biobased instead of fossil-based. On top of that, modern biotechnologies, including synthetic biology, can help boost green chemistry .

Sustainable and Safe

There are many laws, regulations and certificates for sustainable products. During RIVM’s research project ‘SafeBBE’, potential bottlenecks in law and regulation will be studied with the aim to facilitate innovation within green chemistry. Additionally, well-known and popular sustainability analyses will be mapped and a tool is to be developed, making sustainability questions easier and transparent during innovation and production for stakeholders and policy makers.

RIVM is developing a tool together with producers and other stakeholders wich will give insight in different aspects of the three P’s: People, Planet & Prosperity. It will make use of existing methodologies and will help answering a wide spectrum of sustainability question from different viewing points.

Expertise exchange

RIVM is looking for stakeholders to provide case studies and or exchange knowledge. Are you currently working (in the Netherlands) as a biobased producer with sugar beets or biodegradable waste, or are you producing or developing biobased packaging or chemical building blocks? If you want to participate and exchange expertise, let us know! Other biobased sectors are also welcome to participate. Please contact us by e-mail.

More information on RIVM’s contributions to biobased economy and green chemistry can be found on our webpage

This research will be carried out in the framework of RIVM Strategic Programme ( SPR Strategic Programme RIVM (Strategic Programme RIVM)), in which expertise and innovative projects prepare RIVM to respond to future issues in health and sustainability.