RIVM has started to take samples of rubber granulate from 100 synthetic turf fields in the Netherlands. The purpose of this is to create a representative picture of the granulate's composition.

Six areas of the fields will be sampled. For each area, a minimum of 1 litre of granulate will be removed using a vacuum cleaner and taken away in a glass bottle to the laboratory where it will be analysed.

Research method

RIVM is going to use a variety of methods to obtain more information about rubber granulate on synthetic turf fields and the possible health effects. RIVM is going to carry out a systematic review to assess all the relevant scientific publications. These findings will be combined with field research in order to clarify which substances occur in rubber granulate.

Another aspect of the research is the laboratory analysis of a selection of the samples taken to determine the extent to which substances can be released in certain circumstances, for example through contact with the skin or ingestion of the granulate.

As regards the methods to be used and substance selection, attention has been paid to the methods used in, and the results of, international research. On top of that, the proposed research method was submitted for assessment to a supervisory committee of scientists.