The best synbio projects, including iGEM teams, have one thing in common: cutting edge science in the light of carefully considered societal needs. Each year different projects start and teams with new participants compete in the iGEM competition. Therefore, team supervisors and former team members are the conduits for the lessons learned from previous editions. During the iGEM Europe meetup on 13 & 14 June in the Hague, hosted by the RIVM and the Rathenau Institute, you will get the chance to share best practices and acquire useful knowledge.

Do you want to increase your chances to succeed in synbio projects, including the iGEM competition 2019? Would you like to know all about the best ways to support your team, about safety & security, and how to achieve sustainable impact with your project? Participate in our synbio event that is all about the tools that teams and supervisors need.

What to expect on 13 and 14 June? During the first day you will get the chance to engage in topics such as do’s and don’ts, societal value, safety, security, and how to engage with the public in a meaningful way. The programme consists of several workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and a keynote by a very special guest (to be announced soon!).

On day two, an unconference will take place, where you will be able to shape the programme yourself. So save the date and join our event on 13 & 14 June in The Hague, hosted by the Rathenau Instituut and RIVM. More information about the programme will be posted on this website soon.

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Signing up for the event is already possible, by making use of the registration form. Participants receive free admission to the entire Border Sessions festival.

We look forward to welcoming you at the meetup!