Arrival at COVIID-19 vaccination location in Leiden

The 26th RIVM vaccination update now shows vaccination turnout for people aged 25-44 years by municipality. This involves people who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination. At this point, 66% of the people in this age group have received at least one vaccination, and 24% are fully vaccinated. 

Previous updates reported on vaccination turnout by municipality among people over 65 and among people aged 45-64. Turnout among people over 65 is currently 92% for the first vaccination, and 87% of the over-65s are fully vaccinated. 84% of people aged 45-64 have received one vaccination, and 65% are fully vaccinated by now.

Vaccination turnout still rising among people aged 25-45 

Vaccination turnout and coverage are rising among all age groups within the range of 25-44 years (see figure 1 in the vaccination data for the Netherlands on 19 July 2021). At least one COVID-19 jab has been given to 75% of people aged 40-44 years, 69% of people aged 35-39, 62% of people aged 30-34, and 59% of people aged 25-29. The younger age groups were invited later. 

Geographic distribution

Geographically, turnout among people aged 25-44 years is similar to people aged 45-64 and people over 65; there are few regional differences. In these age groups as well, turnout has been slightly lower in a few municipalities in the Dutch ‘Bible belt’ and in bigger cities. 

Opkomst tenminste één COVID-19-vaccinatie 25-44-jarigen naar gemeente

Figure:  Turnout for at least one COVID-19 vaccination among people aged 25-44 years by municipality, weeks 1–28, 2021