As advised by the Health Council of the Netherlands, vaccination with AstraZeneca will be continued for people born in 1960 or before.  People under the age of 60 will receive a different vaccine. RIVM expects to be able to provide more clarity on this in the course of next week. The Health Council has also advised that people born after 1960 who already received their first vaccination with AstraZeneca can receive their second vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine as planned.

Different vaccine for some groups

For a number of groups, the Health Council’s advisory report means that they will receive a different vaccine. Over the course of the next week, RIVM will be reviewing how to implement this change for each group. This applies to the following groups:

  • People under 60 years old who are in the medical high-risk groups; that means people with Down’s Syndrome, people with morbid obesity (BMI >40), and non-mobile people with neurological disorders accompanied by respiratory impairment, such as ALS or Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who would be vaccinated by their GP.
  • The group of care workers and care providers working in long-term care who had an appointment and could still schedule an appointment with the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs).
  • In the past few weeks, hospitals have also been supplied with 39,500 vaccines for care workers providing direct COVID-19 care. Hospitals have already administered some of these vaccines. Where this has not yet happened, the number of vaccines still needed for this group under the age of 60 is being reviewed in consultation with the hospitals.
  • Employees and clients are currently being vaccinated in the intramural mental healthcare sector. A different vaccine will be used for people under 60.

Progress on vaccination of the elderly, high-risk patients and care workers

Vaccinating vulnerable target groups (the elderly, patients at higher risk for medical reasons, and care workers) as soon as possible remains the priority. People aged 60-64 years will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine from their GPs as planned. The GGDs will provide vaccinations to older people who can travel to the vaccination sites. Care workers born in 1960 or later will also be rescheduled for an appointment with the GGD. Vaccination will continue for patients in medical high-risk groups and for elderly people who cannot travel.