Rosa Joosten MD, consultant on infectious disease control answers four questions about quarantine rules. For example, how important is quarantine in controlling COVID-19, and why do quarantine rules change?

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Video: 4 questions about quarantine rules
Speaker: Rosa Joosten MD, consultant on infectious disease control

ROSA JOOSTEN: We are relaxing the quarantine rules to keep society open. So that things like essential business processes and education can continue.

VISUAL: Four questions about quarantine rules.
VISUAL: How important is quarantine in controlling COVID-19?

ROSA JOOSTEN: Quarantine is a very important part of infectious disease control. Quarantine helps us slow the spread of the virus. You will be advised to go into quarantine if there is a high risk that you have become infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This means that you are not ill yet, but you could still become ill.

VISUAL: Why do quarantine rules change?

ROSA JOOSTEN: The quarantine rules change depending on the phase of the pandemic. That’s why we also imposed stricter rules in previous waves. At that time, it was because there were more infections, and more people admitted to hospital and ICU. And at some points, when the situation permits, the measures are relaxed again. For example, that was possible once more people were vaccinated.

VISUAL: What is the reason for changing the quarantine rules again?

ROSA JOOSTEN: Stricter quarantine rules were implemented in December. Because we saw that the Omicron variant was spreading incredibly fast. At that time, we did not know much about the variant yet. But we did see that it was more contagious than the Delta variant. We are relaxing measures now, also to keep our society up and running. So that essential business processes and education can continue. Also, many people have now had a booster vaccination. And some people have already had the Omicron variant. By now, we also know that the Omicron variant is less likely to cause serious illness. That is why we can make this decision.

VISUAL: What is the effect of the changed quarantine rules?

ROSA JOOSTEN: Relaxing the quarantine rules means that the virus will spread more. Especially considering the Omicron variant, which is more contagious. We do know that it is less likely to cause serious illness. And people have had a booster and many have already had COVID-19 by now. Even so, hospital admissions will rise. Quarantine will remain an important way to stop the spread of the virus. That means it is still important to comply with the quarantine rules. And you should definitely also follow the basic measures.

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