WHO CC Infectious Disease Preparedness and IHR M&E supports WHO and its Members States by providing technical advice at request through workshops, trainings, and exercises.

The WHO CC team has contributed to and supported WHO and its Member States in numerous workshops, trainings, and exercises related to IHR and infectious diseases preparedness on national and international level. For example, the WHO CC has contributed to the Joint Assessment and Detection of Events (JADE) exercise in 2019 and 2022, reviewing the exercise scenario and providing technical support during the exercise. Furthermore, the WHO CC assisted WHO and ECDC in facilitating the Polio Outbreak Simulation Exercise (POSE) in 2018. 

The WHO CC team has extensive experience in developing and facilitating workshops, as well as developing and conducting various trainings and exercises. The WHO CC has facilitated a training on the WHO PoE assessment tool in Albania, which focused on strengthening the implementation of the Assessment tool. Furthermore, as part of the work package, the WHO CC is currently developing a training curriculum on vector surveillance and control for entomologists working in public health. 

At the request of WHO, the LCI provides technical advice by the participation of relevant professional staff regarding all hazard preparedness and IHR M&E, amongst others in expert meetings and trainings, facilitating working groups, and conducting table-top exercises.

Leading Staff Expertise
Dorothee Ro╬▓kamp, MSc     Senior policy advisor Preparedness
Suzanne Kliffen, MSc Senior policy advisor Preparedness & Control 
Anne de Fijter, MSc Senior policy advisor Preparedness 
Thijs Veenstra Senior policy advisor Hygiene and Safety
Daisy Ooms, MD Senior consultant communicable disease control 
Lisbeth Hall Senior policy advisor Environmental health, Aftercare and Security
Margreet te Wierik, MD PhD Senior consultant communicable disease control
Corien Swaan, MD PhD Senior consultant communicable disease control