The Collaborating Centre systematically performs scientific research on preparedness, focusing on a variety of themes, and has extensive experience with developing tools and resources for strengthening infectious disease preparedness.

The Collaborating Centre has contributed to and supported various health organisations, nationally and internationally, in their efforts to prepare for (potential) Public Health events. For instance, the staff has provided expertise to the EU European Union (European Union) BE READY project, EU method for International Contact Tracing, EU Healthy Gateways and EU PANDEM-2

The WHO CC has previously performed research on the added value of a context and network analysis perspective for preparedness planning, indicators for assessing preparedness and response and research on how to link high-quality preparedness to high-quality response outcomes. 
Furthermore, the WHO CC and WHO have collaborated in the mapping of AAR/SimEx in the European region. In this research, the nature and range of AAR and SimEx activities in the region were investigated over the period 2016-2019, providing important insights into the implementation of these tools and their outcomes prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the WHO CC in collaboration with WHO, is researching and developing a conceptualisation and operationalisation of health emergency governance and its interrelation with emergency preparedness. The framework includes key attributes of health system governance and has an explicit focus on the practical operationalisation of governance in a health emergency. Furthermore, the WHO CC and WHO are collaborating on a number of studies aimed at better supporting OCTs & SIDS in developing and maintaining critical capacities for public health emergencies.

Leading Staff Expertise
Mart Stein, PhD   Senior researcher 
Tomris Cesuroglu, MD PhD Senior researcher Preparedness 
Dorothee Ro├čkamp, MSc Senior policy advisor preparedness
Anne de Fijter, MSc Senior policy advisor Preparedness 
Corien Swaan, MD PhD Senior consultant communicable disease control