Life expectancy is rising and as a result, the population is ageing in many countries around the world. Our WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) has expertise in life course and ageing research.

To this aim, the WHO CC  uses data from the Doetinchem Cohort Study. The Doetinchem Cohort Study is a prospective longitudinal population-based study on lifestyle and other determinants of health and disease as they develop over the life course and during ageing. Long follow-up of participants (>30 years) and the wide variety of measures (such as physical, cognitive, psychological and social measures) make this a unique cohort to study life course and ageing based on the WHO Healthy Ageing framework (intrinsic capacity, functional ability, environments). In addition, a wide variety of biomarkers are available. The WHO CC has specific expertise in modelling trajectories of (healthy) ageing and gaining insight into the heterogeneity of ageing trajectories and thereby uncovering possible windows of opportunity for prevention. It further has expertise in biomarker research which can be used to identify vulnerable subgroups.