Dr Fuminari Miura is interested in the way immunity and behaviour shape epidemics, and how empirical data may inform public policy through mathematical modelling. His research focuses on quantifying the impact of targeted control measures, developing alternative methods to capture under-reported cases, and measuring individual heterogeneity in susceptibility to infection. These studies are at the interface between epidemiological theory and infectious disease data analysis – even when the available data is limited, the output from his research, based on the knowledge of previous outbreaks, may help to determine how to maximize the benefit of preventive measures in a timely manner.


Fuminari Miura graduated in 2014 and obtained his PhD Doctor of Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy) in 2020 at the University of Tokyo. He joined the Infectious Disease Modelling unit in 2018. He is a postdoctoral fellow at RIVM jointly affiliated with Ehime University, Japan.

His current project is funded through a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship for Superlative Postdoctoral Fellow (SPD) and a Cross-border Postdoctoral Fellowship (CPD).