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This report describes a study in which the vaccination-history as well as one or more antibody-levels against diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis in 448 RIVM-employees have been examined. One of the findings is that the value of a documented vaccination-history is limited, probably caused by frequent vaccinations without a documentation. The serological protection against diphtheria is less favourable than that against tetanus or polio. Against tetanus a sufficient level of immunity has been demonstrated in the study population. The serological protection against polio is type-dependent. A higher protection has been shown against type 1 than against type 2 and 3. It was concluded that diptheria could pose a serious problem in the future ; it is recommended to monitor the serological protection against diphtheria more closely in the general population. In the study-population no indications were found for an insufficient serological protection against polio and tetanus. Moreover no indications were found that could justify an adaptation of the vaccination policy in the Netherlands, especially with regard to the duration of the protection.