The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) coordinates the Dutch Population Screening programmes such as newborn screening, fights infectious diseases and plays a central role in population surveys. We also investigate what needs to be done to ensure high-quality health services, safe consumer products and a healthy living environment. In our role as a trusted advisor, we conduct independent (scientific) research in the field of Public Health and Health Services and a safe environment.

To maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment, we monitor the quality of air, water and soil and assess the risks to health and the environment. We do this on behalf of the Dutch government and often in collaboration with other research and knowledge institutes, both nationally and internationally. We also have a Strategic Programme ( SPR Strategic Programme RIVM (Strategic Programme RIVM ))  in which we conduct research that has not been commissioned. We use the SPR, to innovate and develop knowledge, to prepare RIVM to respond to future issues in health and sustainability.

Each year, RIVM produces numerous reports on all aspects of public health, nutrition and diet, health care, disaster management, nature and the environment.

RIVM has a total of approximately 1,600 staff. We are mainly commissioned by:

Discover what RIVM is all about. Watch our short film 'RIVM - throughout the life course'.

RIVM - throughout the life course

This short video explains what the RIVM, the Dutch national institute for public health and the environment, represents. And what they do on a daily basis to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.