The programmatic Dutch Breast Screening Program started in 1990. Based on criteria formulated by Wilson and Jungner (1968):

  • Relevance: disease is an important health problem
  • Treatable: disease must be treatable with a generally accepted treatment
  • Health infrastructure: there should be sufficient infrastructure for diagnosis
  • Recognizable: there should be a recognizable latent stadium of the disease
  • Natural course: the natural course of the disease should be known
  • Illness: there should be consensus as to who is ill or most at risk
  • Screeningtest: the screeningtest should be easy to use
  • Acceptability: the screeningtest should be acceptable for the general population
  • Cost-benefit: cost should be at least equal to the benefits
  • Continuïty: the screening proces must be continuous.

The Dutch Screening Programs are secured by 4 important public values:

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality: safe, protocolized, uniform, and good alliance with health care
  • Affordability: efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Accessibility: close to participant, free of cost, free choice, timely