Implementing cascade of screening programs

The programme is organized in a logistical chain of public and private organisations. The Health Council provides scientific advice for the Minister of Health, who decides on introduction of and/or innovations in screening programs. On behalf of the Ministry the Centre for Population Screening of RIVM (RIVM-CPS) finances, coordinates and directs the program, stakeholders and partners. Also the Centre is responsible for setting quality standards, organizing monitoring and evaluation, organizing uniform information for the public and for involved professionals, coordination of knowledge (practical en scientific), and development and improvement of the programs. The Breast Cancer Screening Programme Committee, set up by RIVM-CPS, advises CPS on issues associated with the national coordination of the programme. The Programme Committee is made up of experts from the relevant professions and experts from organisations with authority on particular topics or within specific networks.

The Health Inspection is overlooking the whole chain of integrated care.

Five cancerscreening organisations

Five regional screening organisations are responsible for the practical execution of the program and are:

  • owner of the mobile units
  • owner of the mammographs
  • hiring screeners
  • contracting radiologists
  • in charge of IT system
  • in contact with clients
  • in contact with municipalities
  • in contact with regional hospitals and GP’s

Key elements of the program are the independent positions of the National Expert and Training Centre for Breast Cancer Screening (LRCB) to optimize and secure the quality of the program and the National Evaluation Team for Breast Cancer Screening in the Netherlands (NETB) to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.