This webpage provides information in English about the Dutch national breast cancer screening programme. If you are between 50 and 75 years old, you will receive an invitation for breast cancer screening every two to three years. 

Around one in seven women develop breast cancer at some time in their life. The national breast cancer screening programme enables us to detect at an earlier stage if someone has breast cancer. With early detection, there is a greater chance that treatment will be successful, and often less far-reaching treatment is required. 

On this webpage, you will find information materials about the breast screening programme, like a leaflet, an invitation letter and result letters.

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More information about the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme

Is this your first time participating?

Watch the animation below. It shows what to expect from the screening step by step. 

Is this your first time participating?

Your first breast cancer screening.

*Music starts*

This animation shows what happens during a breast cancer screening. This way, you know in advance what to expect. Sometimes, the screening takes place in a building, but most of the screenings take place in a large bus. The breast cancer screening is done by staff who have had special training. You can be screened by a woman if you want. You can ask the staff everything about the screening. They will try to make you as comfortable as possible. What happens during the screening? We will now show you, step by step. When you arrive, show your invitation letter and your proof of identity. Next, you will be asked to wait your turn. When it is your turn, you go to the changing room.

On-screen text: Tips. Wear comfortable clothes.
Bring a cloth or scarf in case you have to wait a while.

Take off your clothes from your top half only. An employee will come and collect you. She will take pictures of your breasts. The employee will explain what she is doing and how you can help. She will take two pictures of each breast. The employee will put you in the right position each time, so your breast will be ready for the next picture. After the pictures, you go back to the changing room to put your clothes back on. If the quality of the pictures is OK, you can go home. Taking the pictures will take around 5 minutes. The appointment will take around 20 minutes in total. Would you like to know more about the national programme for breast cancer screening? Go to

Logo National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport appears on screen.

On-screen text: Would you like to know more about the national programme for breast cancer screening?

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