Execution framework
The execution framework describes how the colorectal cancer screening programme and the subsequent care are carried out so that it runs effectively and within legal, policy-related frameworks.

The document specifies the quality frameworks that are necessary to provide citizens with a uniform, reliable and high-quality population screening and related care.  The implementation framework is aimed at all professionals who are involved in the colorectal cancer screening programme and subsequent diagnostics and in the quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of the screening programme.

In 2014, a colorectal cancer screening programme was launched in the Netherlands. We developed the following factsheets to inform international professionals about this screening programme:

Lessons learned
This factsheet describes the lessons learned during the introduction of this nationwide programme. The factsheet illustrates the most important measures that were taken in the Netherlands and provides a range of practical tips for policymakers in other countries.

Overview of programme structure
This factsheet describes the five stages of the screening programme and gives a detailed overview of the process, including the parties involved, the materials, working documents and protocols. 

Overview of quality assurance
This factsheet describes all the quality assurance measures within the Dutch CRC screening programme.

Video Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme

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