In addition to the published data in the publications, this sites offers the opportunity to look up the results in pdf-tables.

Table overview

These tables contain results of the Dutch food consumption survey (such as food consumption, energy and nutrient intake and the distribution of nutrients among product groups, for different food consumption moments or places of consumption) divided by characteristics such as region and BMI.

Tables are available of food consumption data of DNFCS-Young adults (2003) and DNFCS-Young children (2005-2006), DNFCS-Core Survey 7-69 years (2007-2010) and DNFCS-Older adults (2010-2012). Tables of DNFCS-Young adults are exclusively available in Dutch. Tables of previous DNFCS are not available on this part of the website, because of a non-comparable research method. Data of future food consumption surveys will be added when available.

For the calculation of the contribution of determinants (for example food consumption occasion, place of consumption) to the food consumption and intake of macro and micronutrients there is a clear difference between DNFCS-Young children, DNFCS-Core Survey and DNFCS-Older adults on the one hand and DNFCS-Young adults on the other hand. For young adults this contribution is based on the total intake of the study population. For DNFCS-Older adults, DNFCS-Core Survey and DNFCS-Young children however, this contribution is based on the average of individual contribution of the study population. This latter method is more relevant for public health issues.  

The PDF-tables are classified by study.


The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands is owner of the source data of DNFCS. Publication of original data reports is permitted, provided acknowledgement is given to '' or 'www.rivm/nl/vcp_en'.