Food consumption data give insight into the consumption of foods, intake of macro- and micro-nutrients, and of potential harmful chemical substances, and the development of food and nutrition trends. This insight is essential in formulating and evaluating food policy. The data are also used for public information purposes and for scientific research. Collection of periodic data on food consumption and nutrition status of the Dutch population and of specific groups within the population has been carried out since 1987 under the authority of the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

Results of all food consumption surveys are published in reports. In addition to the information in the reports, this sites offers the opportunity to look up more  detailed tables. A copy of the total datasets of the different food consumption surveys can be requested for continuing research.

The most recent reports

The diet of the Dutch. Results of the Dutch National Food Consumption Survey 2012-2016. CTM van Rossum et al. RIVM report 2020-0083.



Do the Dutch eat and drink according to the Wheel of Five? Results of the Dutch National food consumption survey 2012-2016 (in Dutch). RWC Schuurman, MH Beukers, CTM van Rossum. RIVM-rapport 2020-0082


 Detailed tables with data from DNFCS 2012-2016 



Factsheet Food consumption in the Netherlands. What, where and when? (in Dutch)



Factsheet Food consumption survey 2012-2016. comparison with the Dietary guidelines 2015 (in Dutch)



Factsheet Consumption on meat in the Netherlands (in Dutch)



See Publications for former reports.