Food consumption of DNFCS Older adults presented in detail.

Results of DNFCS-Older adults aged 70 years and older are ordened by topic in a pdf and divided by sub characteristics, such as the consumption of food groups (EPIC-Soft classification and NEVO-codes), the intake of energy and nutrients,  the contribution of food groups to the intake of energy and nutrients, the consumption of fortified and artificially sweetened foods and the intake of macro and micronutrients according to time or place of consumption. The results are categorized in sub characteristics such as age, sex, BMI, educational level and place of consumption and consumption moment. 
The data is weighted by socio demographic factors, season and day of the week. More detailed information on the weighting factors and used categories such as weight class and educational level can be found in the RIVM report Diet of community-dwelling older adults : Dutch National Food Consumption Survey Older adults 2010-2012