The GOR Network is investigating the health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the Integrated Health Monitor COVID-19. The study covers a five-year period (2021-2025). It focuses on physical and mental impacts on the entire population and specifically on vulnerable groups such as children and adolescents, young adults, the elderly and the target group of the Public Mental Health Services (OGGZ). The OGGZ group includes socially vulnerable people such as the homeless. This page explains which research projects are included in the Monitor and what the results will be used for. 

The monitor compiles information once every quarter and once a year, using surveys as well as data from general practitioners. In addition, a literature review  will be published every year. 

Supporting policy-makers 

The aim of the monitor is to support local, regional and national policy-makers and professionals in formulating policy.  

Quarterly research update

The quarterly research update relies on data from GPs and surveys conducted among adolescents and adults. New data is published four times a year. Because these reports are posted periodically, they provide insight into the current situation in the Netherlands. This information offers a ‘finger on the pulse’ to inform current policy. For example, it shows what events people have experienced as a result of COVID-19 and whether they need additional help. This enables policy-makers to offer assistance that is more appropriate to meet current demand. 

GP records

Each year, the study will present results on changes in healthcare use, possible risk groups and regional/local differences. This information offers more insight into the health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the medium and long term, which will support local policy-makers. These insights are derived from data provided by GPs linked to data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Literature review

The study also reviews the current national and international scientific literature about the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This information provides context for understanding the results of the monitor and helps to improve its focus.

Health Monitor

Each year, the GOR Network publishes results on data that the Monitor collects on occurrence of physical and mental symptoms, possible risk groups and regional/local differences. This information gives local policy-makers insight into the health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the medium and long term.
The Integrated Health Monitor COVID-19 builds on existing research, in particular deriving information from surveys conducted by the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs). A new health monitor will be developed for young adults and for the Public Mental Health target group.In addition, this long-term monitor provides more depth because it is possible to look at trends compared to previous years. 

For more information about this study, please see the Dutch pages on this topic.

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