The objectives of the project are:

  1. Identify and define regulatory requirements, build safe-orientated grouping approaches linked with integrated testing strategies
  2. Verify and test Safe by Design and grouping approaches by performing industrial case studies
  3. Evaluate the relative change in environmental and human health risk, following implementation of the Safe by Design process
  4. Develop and adapt supportive technical and organizational tools for Safe by Design, based on regulatory orientated grouping approaches
  5. Identify and overcome barriers to the application of Safe by Design
  6. Disseminate Safe by Design and grouping tools

The expected impact of the project is:

On industry:
Safer products, fewer uncertainties, more cost-effective innovation

On regulators:
Better preparation for new innovations in MNMs and related products

On researchers:
Strengthening the research, development and innovation process through the Safe by Design concept

On society:
Transparent and traceable information on the safety of nanomaterials and related products


The Safe by Design concept aims at reducing potential health and environmental risks at an early phase of the innovation process. Such concept aims at creating an integrated research strategy. This enables the consideration of safety aspects for humans and the environment in the design process of a product/material, to eliminate or minimize the risk of adverse effects during its life cycle including construction, use, maintenance and deconstruction. Within the Safe by Design concept the functionality of a nanomaterial and its toxicity/safety are therefore considered in an integrated way. Such an approach maximises resource use and expedites the development of products containing nanomaterials and new nanomaterials that are safer by design.

How can Safe by Design benefit you?

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Sia Toolbox

The SIA Toolbox is a set of tools, guidances and checklists to be used by innovators and regulators along the innovation chain. It supports both improved dealing with new safety issues of innovative nanomaterials and nanomaterial containing products and improved regulatory preparedness.

SIA Toolbox (concept version)

In this project, 42 organisations across more than 15 countries are working together for 3 years to create principles that will underpin the next generation of regulation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 646221. 

More information can be found on the NanoReg 2 official website

Short explanation of the safe innovation approach (SIA). Acces to this animation has been provided on both the project website and other social media sites: