The environmental-oriented Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is an important tool for government to shape environmental policy; for science to support environmental policy, and for businesses to implement environmental policy.

Sustainable development

LCA is increasingly fundamental in the development of environmental policies. Ecolabel and European legislation are examples of policy instruments to promote sustainable development. Without LCA, they would be almost unthinkable. Many questions have been raised regarding the implementation of LCA, such as LCA completion, available studies, methods and software, or agencies, organisations, and contacts. More information on the LCA webpage.

Impact assessment

ReCiPe is a method for the impact assessment (LCIA) in a LCA. Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) translates emissions and resource extractions into a limited number of environmental impact scores by means of so-called characterisation factors. More information is on the webpage LCIA: the ReCiPe model.