The Netherlands’ mobile vaccination units (prikbussen) have been selected as a best-practice method for the European project ‘Overcoming Obstacles to Vaccination’. Like the four other best-practice methods, the mobile vaccination units were designed to overcome physical, practical and administrative obstacles to vaccination. Today, RIVM and the Netherlands Municipal Public Health Services and Medical Assistance in Accidents and Disasters accepted a prize for the initiative. The five best-practice methods were selected by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

Vaccination coverage in EU European Union (European Union) Member States has fallen in recent years. This has led to new outbreaks of disease. Practical considerations play a crucial role in vaccination coverage. After all, if people are unable to access vaccines easily, some of them will simply choose not to get vaccinated. The project ‘Overcoming Obstacles to Vaccination’ presents an opportunity for EU Member States to exchange successful methods. 

Mobile vaccination units

The mobile vaccination units were used for the purpose of coronavirus vaccination and the hpv vaccination. The units make it possible for citizens to get vaccinated near their homes. In addition, they can obtain information and put questions to healthcare professionals or local key figures who they trust. Early results show that the method increases vaccination coverage.