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General practitioners’ (GP) and occupational physicians’ (OP) use of the Patiëntoverleg app is still limited. They are often not yet aware of this app’s existence. These findings are from a study performed by RIVM. The aim of the Patiëntoverleg app is to facilitate communication between GPs and OPs through a simple chat function, thereby enabling better treatment of workers with health problems.

Most communication is done by telephone or by e-mail rather than through this chat function. Nevertheless, the majority of GPs and OPs reported that they would like to use Patiëntoverleg. They consider it as a way to improve collaboration. 

Regular reminders

The GPs and OPs suggest sending them regular reminders of Patiëntoverleg’s existence and benefits. This can, for instance, be done through professional journals or refresher courses. They also believed it may need time to use the app as common practice.

Based on the study, no conclusions can be drawn about the use of the app to improve treatment of sick workers. 

Reason for developing Patiëntoverleg

GPs and OPs are keen to collaborate with each other in order to better treat and guide workers with health problems. Nonetheless, GPs often find it hard to reach OPs. To facilitate the contact between them, Patiëntoverleg was expanded, as a component within the online platform ZorgDomein.