On 1 July, Prof. Dr Doctor (Doctor) Marc Bonten, Clinical Microbiologist, took office as a top academic staff member at the RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control. He will bring in valuable knowledge in the area of antibiotic resistance. Marc Bonten combines his activities for RIVM with his work for the University Medical Centre Utrecht.

At the RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control, Marc Bonten will play a leading role in the further development of the programme for combating antibiotic resistance. The Centre for Infectious Disease Control thus ensures an important link to curative care. Marc Bonten will be involved in the reinforcement of the infrastructure in relation to combating antibiotic resistance. Collaboration between health care institutions and the connection of public healthcare and curative care will be central in this. He will also make an intrinsic contribution to advice and publications in this field of action. Mark Bonten has a considerable scientific track record and a strong position in the area of care.

Marc Bonten: 'Last week, Minister Schippers announced a Five-Year Plan against antibiotic resistance. Worldwide, antibiotic resistance is a rapidly increasing issue, which will undoubtedly affect the Netherlands. It is therefore good to be able to make major steps in order to better protect ourselves. This new function fits this framework.’

Marc Bonten combines these activities with his work at the University Medical Centre Utrecht as Departmental Head of Medical Microbiology.