RIVM published a new online edition of the Dutch food composition database (NEVO). This edition contains compositional data for over 2200 foods and more than 130 components (protein, carbohydrates, fat and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals). Moreover, the NEVO-online searchable website was completely renewed. 

Compared to the 2019 edition of NEVO online, 128 foods were added to this new edition of NEVO online. The rationale for this lies mainly in the Dutch National Food Consumption Surveys, as the main indicator of foods consumed by the Dutch population. NEVO online is an important source of information on the nutritional composition of foods for e.g., dietetics, nutritional education and research. 

NEVO online website renewed

A separate English website is now available, with all the information in English, except for some of the reference descriptions. The website has more options than before to select foods and nutrients according to the needs of the users. For example, within selected foods, users can choose to see only fat and carbohydrates or may want to focus on sodium or specific vitamins. In case recipes are used to estimate the food composition, the recipe details are now shown. 

Compositional changes in NEVO online

The food group Milk and milk products was completely updated. New analytical values were added for 25 dairy desserts (such as yoghurt, pudding, custard and ice cream). The other foods in this food group were updated using literature and label data. The sodium content of bread was also updated based on new analytical values. 

Download NEVO online

The NEVO online dataset can be downloaded. The file contains, in addition to the nutritional values, information on the references (in Dutch)  and an overview of all recipes used. Background information for NEVO online is available at the RIVM webpage, and includes, for instance, nutrient definitions and lists of added and removed foods.