GGD COVID-19 vaccination location Leiden

The RIVM vaccination update this week has been expanded to include vaccination coverage by municipality, specifying full COVID-19 vaccination among people aged 65 and over and people aged 45-64 years. Turnout and vaccination coverage among people aged 60-64 years has also been included in this report. This age group has largely been vaccinated by GPs. By now, 87% of this group have received their first vaccination. Moreover, we are seeing a significant increase in vaccination turnout in the age group of 12-17 years. 

Six months after the start of the vaccination programme, almost 18 million vaccinations have now been administered. 77% of all people over 18 have now received at least one vaccination, and 46% of adults are fully vaccinated at this point.

People aged 60-64 years

In recent weeks, various parties have worked hard to register more and more vaccination data in the national registration system (CIMS). CIMS now contains sufficient data to publish vaccination coverage for people aged 60-64 years. About 87% of this age group have received their first vaccination. Because CIMS only registers people who give permission for their data to be registered, the actual turnout is most likely higher than in this report, also in this age group. This trend has fluctuated slightly more over time (see figure 1 in the vaccination data for the Netherlands). This is due in part to the two periods in which vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine was put on hold. 

Youngest age group

Since 2 July, teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years who are not in a medical risk group can also make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination. Last Sunday, the people in this age group who were born in the first half of 2009 were invited to schedule a vaccination appointment. This means that all Dutch people aged 12 years and older now have the opportunity to make an appointment to get vaccinated. By now, 22% of the 12-17 age group have had their first vaccination. 

High turnout 

In view of the high turnout for vaccination in the Netherlands, the turnout and vaccination coverage has now been analysed in more detail from 85% and up. The resulting figures show that more than 95% of people over 65 have now received at least one vaccination in 134 of the 352 municipalities. Vaccination turnout in this age group has risen in Amsterdam, and is now 85% or higher in all major cities.