RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment is conducting research on the novel coronavirus that includes the use of models. When the studies are completed, the results are published. RIVM publishes about the research studies in international peer-reviewed journals. This leads to open access publications: publications that are accessible to everyone. The codes and data we use are also public. These are the models and publications that are related to these research activities.

Research on the spread of COVID-19

Article: De COVID-19-epidemie: indammen en afvlakken: Bestrijdingsmaatregelen tegen piekbelasting in de zorg. [The COVID-19 epidemic: containing the spread and flattening the curve: Measures to combat peak loads in healthcare. Published in Dutch]

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Effect of opening schools

Report: Evaluation of the impact of targetted school closures on the spread of infectious disease outbreaks using a network of schools
(Effect of simultaneous or consecutive opening of primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands.)