In the course of these studies, RIVM (and the Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA) solicited advice from two feedback groups: a stakeholder feedback group and a scientific advisory panel. Both groups contributed in various ways to ensuring research quality.

Operating independently of these groups, RIVM determined the structure of the study and communicated about the results.

Stakeholder feedback  group 

Many organisations, businesses and government bodies are stakeholders in questions about football pitches involving rubber granulate. RIVM considered it important to incorporate signals from Dutch society in the study, both beforehand and during the research. RIVM also wanted to share information about the progress of the study with the organisations involved in a timely manner. For that reason, RIVM organised meetings with stakeholders in society to exchange impressions and indications and to share information on the progress of the study. This gave each organisation the opportunity to communicate with citizens and business managers accurately and in a timely manner, based on their own tasks and responsibilities. The reports of these meetings are or will be published on the website. The stakeholder feedback group for rubber granulate and the environment met three times. The following parties were represented in this sounding board group:

  • The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • The Netherlands Municipal Public Health Services and Medical Assistance in Accidents and Disasters
  • The Association for Sports and Municipalities
  • Environmental Services
  • The Association of Regional Water Authorities
  • The Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA
  • Recycling Network
  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management [Rijkswaterstaat]
  • Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
  • BSNC, Sector Association for Sports Engineering and Technology
  • RecyBEM, tyre and environment association
  • Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB)

Every effort was made to ensure that the composition of the feedback group reflected stakeholders in society. In this context, organisations were invited to take part that would be able to represent those stakeholders as effectively as possible, and have a task or responsibility to fulfil on behalf of the stakeholders in society. 

Scientific advisory panel

The scientific advisory panel consisted of five experts from diverse fields of expertise. Their recommendations contributed to the scientific quality and assurance of the research results.

The scientific advisory panel on rubber granulate provided advice to the research team on:

  • The scientific approach and quality of the research
  • The presentation and clarification of the results (during the study and in the final product)
  • The conclusions based on the results (during the study and in the final product)

RIVM took the recommendations of the sounding board group into account. RIVM made the choices regarding the research plan and the implementation of the study and was responsible for the results and conclusions. In the event that RIVM had deviated from their recommendations, RIVM would have explained that choice in writing to the sounding board group. However, it was not necessary, and their recommendations were followed. 

The scientific advisory panel consisted of experts with relevant expertise in the fields of soil analysis, water quality, ecotoxicology and chemistry. A project leader and researchers from RIVM were also involved. RIVM attended the meetings and arranged for reports of the proceedings. These reports are available to the public and have been or will be published on this page.