During the bathing season, official swimming locations are checked for bathing water quality. In the Netherlands, the bathing season runs from 1 May to 1 October. There are no inspections of bathing water quality outside the bathing season.

All official swimming locations are inspected at least once a month. The following website has information about the quality of bathing water for all official swimming locations.

RIVM takes active part in the European Microbiology Expert Group (EMEG), an agency that provides advice to policy-makers at a European level regarding the use of new and/or alternative analysis methods for microbiological parameters. The European Bathing Water Directive requires EU European Union (European Union) member states to test for these parameters.

The WHO guidelines for safe recreational water environments (Volume 1: pools and spas and Volume 2: coastal and fresh water environments) are continually revised. RIVM actively communicates with the WHO and takes part in meetings at an international level. In these meetings, the revisions are discussed and substantive contributions are submitted. Through its involvement in these international bodies, RIVM provides substantive contributions to the revision of these guidelines from the Dutch perspective, influencing policy on recreational water at an international level. Although the WHO guidelines are not mandatory, they are guiding principles for European policy.