Building on National Coordination Centre for Communicable Disease Control's previous and current work to support IHR implementation for the Dutch overseas territories, the CC team has gained vast expertise in developing integrated and sustainable approaches.

Particular expertise involves the support to strengthen vector control and laboratory capacities while having limited response capacities. Currently, the CC team is involved in a pilot project with the aim to share best practices and recommendations on diagnostics and logistics in support of the IHR implementation. Other efforts are related to the establishment of a vector control network, including NHI counterparts, to increase knowledge and expertise on mosquito control and related vector-borne diseases.

To further strengthen and improve the applicability of IHR in small island settings and remote areas, the LCI seeks to collaborate and share experiences with other countries with overseas territories and or remote areas.

Leading Staff Expertise
André Jacobi Senior policy advisor Preparedness & Response
Dorothee Roβkamp, MSc     Policy advisor Preparedness
Marieta Braks, PhD Medical Entomologist
Johan Reimerink, MSc Senior Laboratory Technician
George Haringhuizen, MA LL.M Lawyer specialised in Public Health related legislation
Hans van den Kerkhof, MD Senior consultant communicable disease control for Dutch overseas territories
Aura Timen, MD, PhD Senior consultant communicable disease control & Head of the National Coordination Centre for Communicable Disease Control