Gap analyses and needs assessment for lab preparedness, response and biorisk.  

The team at the WHO Collaborating Centre possesses vast expertise in developing and implementating laboratory preparedness, response, and biorisk assessments. This includes creating comprehensive online assessment tools and conducting on-site assessments on a global scale.

These valuable tools are specifically designed to evaluate the capacities and capabilities of laboratories in carrying out precise diagnostics for both clinical and public health purposes, also considering biosafety and biosecurity implementation.

Some examples of these assessment tools include:

  • Capacity checklists: A systematic evaluation of laboratory resources and capabilities to ensure they meet the required standards for accurate diagnostics.
  • Online surveys for rapid response needs: Surveys conducted during emergency situations to quickly identify the specific response requirements and mobilise appropriate resources.
  • Online tools for biosecurity implementation: Tools designed to assess and evaluate the level of biosecurity measures implemented in laboratory settings.
  • Assessment of dual-use potential: Tools that enable the assessment of potential risks associated with the dual-use nature of conducted research.

By utilising these innovative assessment tools, we strive to enhance the laboratories’ preparedness and response capabilities, promoting a safer,more secure and sustainable environment for clinical and public health activities.

Leading staff and expertise

Leading staff Expertise
Ingmar Janse, PhD High Throughput Sequencing and Bioinformatics; Molecular Diagnostics in
One Health Settings; Biosafety & Biosecurity; Outbreak Preparedness & Response
Iris Vennis, MSc Biorisk Management & Assessment;  High-Containment Laboratory
Capacity Building; Pandemic & CBRN Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear (Chemical Biological Radiology and nuclear) Preparedness
Jérôme Lock-Wah-Hoon, MSc Laboratory Diagnostics; Outbreak Preparedness & Response; Global
Health Intatives
Joris Sprokholt, PhD Risk Assessment; Training Development & Delivery; High-Containment
Laboratory Capacity Building
Lance Presser, PhD Laboratory Diagnostics & Systems; Capacity Building for Preparedness &
Rik Bleijs, PhD Biorisk Management & Assessment; National Inventory of Dangerous
Pathogens; Biosafety, Biosecurity, & Dual-Use Analysis
Robert ten Hove, PhD Labortaory Diagnostics & Infectious Diseases; Outbreak Preparedness &
Response; Training Development & Delivery
Saskia Rutjes, PhD Biosafety & Biosecurity Risk Assessment; Molecular Diagnostics in
One Health Settings; Biorisk Management & CBRN Preparedness
Sjors Schulpen, PhD Laboratory Molecular Diagnostics; CBRN Response & High-Containment
Labs; Biosecurity, Biosafety, Dual-Use, & Biorisk Management