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Self-scan Toolkit
The self-scan toolkit is a relatively fast scan with a limited number of closed questions that can easily form an indication of strong and weak biosecurity aspects within your organisation.

Vulnerability Scan
The vulnerability scan is a more extended scan compared with the self-scan toolkit with questions, scenarios and best practices built around the eight pillars of biosecurity.

Dual-Use Quickscan
The Dual-Use Quickscan aims to identify potential dual-use aspects in the research. In addition, this tool contributes to stimulating dual-use awareness among researchers.

Biosecurity Checklist for Laboratory Assessment and Monitoring
This biosecurity checklist is based on Malaysian and Dutch expert opinions and national and international guidelines and regulations. The biosecurity checklist is a survey-driven tool that consists of a set of concrete questions for each key biosecurity area, which are discussion points for assessment.

Surge Capacity Assessment Tool (SCAT)
The SCAT aims to strengthen emergency management capacity in times of large-scale crisis, such as pandemics. The SCAT helps analyse if laboratory testing capacity is sufficient under different scenarios, and also helps to determine improvements that can be implemented to  manage increased demand for sample testing. These two elements support improved laboratory management of future outbreaks.