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The drop-picture method according to Th. Schwenk is an image forming method that pictures differentiated proportions in flow in the water. Every water sample results in a characteristic series of drop- pictures, expressing its quality. This quality is determined both by physical and chemical properties as by immaterial properties. The method aims to increase insight in those quality aspects that cannot be measured with conventional analysing methods. The method is very sensitive: physical and chemical disturbances easily change the pictures. Therefore experiments should be done carefully under precisely defined circumstances. Also planet-constellations have to be taken into account when fixing timings for experiments. Of great importance is the observation of the morphology of the drop-pictures, for example the diversity in form-differentiation of the pictures or of form-development in a series of pictures. The form-development of destillated water is used as standard or reference. For characterization and interpretation of the pictures it is essential to have any sense for the organic nature of water. This organic nature cannot be explained with the conventional mechanical, physical or chemical laws. It is expressed by forms of movement in water, which appear to correspond in appearance, origin and development with forms of organs and organisms. An appropriate method which helps in an organic approach of phenomenons is the goetheanic phenomenology. With this method drop-pictures can be characterized and related to a life- transferring capacity of water.


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