RIVM carries out a range of activities to monitor antibiotics use and the number of infections with resistant bacteria.

Surveillance of resistance within ISIS-AR (RIVM and NVMM)

Within ISIS-AR (Infectious Disease Surveillance Information System for Antimicrobial Resistance) we work with various partners to examine how often both common and highly resistant micro-organisms occur.

Surveillance of antibiotics use

RIVM investigates the use of antibiotics within and outside healthcare facilities in various ways. The data are published annually in NethMap (Consumption of antimicrobial agents and antimicrobial resistance among medically important bacteria in the Netherlands).

Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections

Due to their vulnerable population, infections with resistant bacteria are common in hospitals and nursing homes. RIVM monitors these healthcare-associated infections through:

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and use in livestock farming

RIVM collects data on zoonotic bacteria from human surveillance. These data are part of RIVM’s annual contribution to the Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotics use in animals in the Netherlands (MARAN) report.

Identification of outbreaks within healthcare facilities

The Consultation Body for Hospital-Acquired Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance (SO-ZI/AMR) was established to coordinate the identification of healthcare-associated infection outbreaks, the assessment of incidents and the provision of support for infection control.