Aggregated exposure is the exposure to one single chemical via all exposure routes (dermal, oral and inhalatory) and from different sources (for example several different consumer products and/ or in combination with food).

RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment has performed different studies with respect to aggregated exposure. It has been studied to what extent available computer models are suited for evaluating aggregate exposure to consumer products (Delmaar et al, 2006). Several case studies have been described to investigate the feasibilities and limitations of current aggregate risk assessments (Wolterink et al, 2009). Furthermore, the use and application of aggregate exposure assessment in some international legal frameworks has been investigated (Schuur et al, 2009). Currently, a CEFIC study on aggregate exposure (“Estimation of realistic consumer exposure to substances in multiple sources and exploration of possibilities for validation of selected model components”) is conducted at RIVM in which a framework for aggregate exposure will be built. Furthermore, a case a study of aggregate exposure of children to parabens from different sources is currently investigated (Gosens et al, in prep).