An application for authorisation must contain the following:

  1. Administrative information (about the applicant, the application and any existing authorisations) (template)
  2. A technical dossier (substantiating the application) (template)
  3. A justification for confidentiality claims on certain information (which information is claimed confidential and for what reason) (template) 
  4. All study reports, articles and publications to which reference is made in the technical dossier
  5. An accompanying letter that identifies the substance in question, what it is used for and on which positive list (which section and subsection) in the Annex to the Dutch Commodities Act Regulation on packaging and consumer articles the substance is intended to be included. In case the substance is already on a positive list, the applicant shall indicate how the entry and/or restriction should be changed.

The templates to be completed are the same for all types of materials. They are based on templates used by the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) for applications for substances to be used in plastic food contact materials.

Regardless of the type of material, useful sources of information for applicants in completing the templates are:

The dossier with the requested information must be submitted both digitally and in hard copy format (one copy is sufficient) to the secretariat of the CBVV, which can be reached via The hard copy can be sent to:

Secretariaat Commissie beoordeling veiligheid voedselcontactmaterialen
Postbus 1, PB101
3720 BA Bilthoven

If you have any questions about submitting an application, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of the CBVV by email: