The Dutch Committee for safety assessment of food contact materials (CBVV) is the successor of the Committee G4, as per 1 July 2020.  

The primary remit of the CBVV is to assess the safety of raw and auxiliary materials used in the manufacture of materials coming into contact with food. Based on this assessment, the CBVV gives an opinion on the proposed entry of these substances into the Annex to the Dutch Commodities Act Regulation on packaging and consumer articles. [Please note that only the Dutch version has legal value and that no rights can be derived from the English translation] Only applications for the authorised use of substances in materials for which no harmonised European legislation applies are dealt with by the CBVV.  

The CBVV assesses the completeness and content of the information in the dossier, and presents the outcome of the safety assessment in an opinion document. This document then serves as the basis for decision-making by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

The members of the CBVV are independent experts in disciplines relevant for assessing the safety of food contact materials, such as toxicology, materials science and analytical chemistry.  

The secretariat of the CBVV is run by RIVM and can be contacted via

Information on the submission of an application can be found here: ‘Submitting an application for authorisation in the Netherlands’.