While many people enjoy hot weather, others may find it unpleasant or even get health problems as a result. For this reason, people who are unable to take good care of themselves need extra care and attention on hot days.

People over the age of 75 make up the largest vulnerable group. The elderly are vulnerable because older peoples’ bodies have less control over their temperature. As a result, their bodies do not cool themselves as well. They are also less likely to feel thirsty and, in many cases, do not drink enough water on their own.

Other groups that may get health problems in the heat if no measures are taken include:

  • infants and young children;
  • people with chronic conditions;
  • pregnant people;
  • people who are socially isolated;
  • homeless people;
  • people who are overweight.

People who use certain medications, alcohol or drugs are also at greater risk of health problems due to lasting heat.

They may get a variety of symptoms, such as feeling tired or a headache. But they can also get more serious problems, like dehydration or heat stroke.