The flu jab is offered free of charge every year to people aged 60 years and older, and to people who are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the flu virus due to medical reasons. In its advisory opinion of 20 September 2021, the Health Council of the Netherlands recommended expanding the target group for the flu jab to include several specific groups who would benefit from a flu jab, such as pregnant women and people with morbid obesity.

Direct contact

The State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has indicated that people from these additional groups can contact their GP this year to receive a flu jab free of charge. Sufficient vaccine doses are available. People in the additional risk groups can contact their GP directly between 1 October and 1 November to request the flu jab. They will receive the vaccination no later than December 2021.

People aged 60 years and older or people who would normally already have received an invitation due to another medical condition do not need to contact their GP. They will receive their annual invitation from the GP as usual. The Ministry will decide later whether the groups currently designated as vulnerable people by the Health Council will continue receiving an invitation for a free flu jab in the future.