Flu occurs every year in the Netherlands, usually in the winter months. It is caused by the flu virus (influenza virus). The flu vaccine lowers the risk of getting flu. RIVM monitors the development of the flu virus in the Netherlands and conducts research into flu and the flu vaccine.


Man met griep op de bank

Influenza, or flu for short, is caused by the flu virus. It is an infectious respiratory disease. You can infect others by coughing and sneezing.

Flu vaccine

People aged 60 and over and people with certain conditions are especially at risk of becoming seriously ill with flu. These people can get a flu vaccine every year. The flu vaccine protects against serious consequences of flu.

Flu monitoring

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RIVM monitors the development of the flu virus in various ways. We call this ‘surveillance’.


Information about flu vaccines for healthcare workers, for flu vaccine campaign partners, diagnostics and treatment

Facts and figures

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RIVM publishes weekly updates on the spread of the flu virus in the Netherlands.