Young children, people who are 60 years and older and people whose immune system is compromised have a higher risk of becoming ill from a pneumococcal infection. The best way to prevent pneumococcal disease is vaccination.

In the Netherlands, these three groups are offered vaccination against pneumococcal disease in various ways:

  1. Infants up to 11 months receive a vaccination through the National Immunisation Programme.
  2. Everyone born between 1-1-1953 and 31-12-1956 will receive an invitation for vaccination against pneumococcal disease via their GP in autumn 2022. On the Dutch Caribbean islands all people aged between 60 and 80 will receive an invitation from their islands physician.
  3. People with a medical indication will receive an invitation for pneumococcal vaccination, regardless of their age. This includes people with sickle cell anaemia or people who do not have a spleen. They will receive the vaccination in consultation with their medical specialist or GP. People who have had COVID-19 and suffered lung damage as a result are also included in the medical risk group for the time being.

If you are not in these groups and would still like to be vaccinated, consult with your GP to see whether it is possible. If you request the vaccine yourself, please note that there are costs involved.